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Sleep Apnea
Forest Grove, OR

Here at Smith Dental, we can help those who have been diagnosed with sleep apnea. It can be difficult to find the right treatment for sleep apnea, especially if the treatments that you have already tried are not helping. Give us a call and come in to see Dr. Smith. He knows how to help you with your sleep apnea symptoms, and he can help you find ways of reducing your apnea symptoms.

Symptoms of Sleep Apnea

When you suffer from sleep apnea, it means that your breathing is interrupted when you sleep. Instead of rhythmic breaths, your breaths stop now and again. They can stop for just a few seconds, or they can stop for 20-60 seconds, occasionally longer. These episodes sometimes only happen once or twice per night, but for some with severe sleep apnea, they can happen ten or more times in an hour.

Common Treatments for Sleep Apnea

There are quite a few ways of treating sleep apnea. You should always start with the simplest forms of treatment first, then progress to other, more invasive treatments, only if they become necessary. The first thing most doctors and dentists will recommend for treating sleep apnea is sleeping on any other part of your body than your back. Sleeping on your back causes your airway to close more easily, and can increase your symptoms. By switching to your side or stomach, it can help your airway remain open. You can also try to lose weight if you are currently overweight, since weight can play a large role in how well you breathe at night. The less weight you have, especially around your head and neck, the less likely it is to impact how you sleep.

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Treatments for Moderate to Severe Sleep Apnea - How We Can Help

When you have a sleep apnea diagnosis, you need to figure out the right treatment so you can get solid sleep at night. If the most common treatments don’t help, then it is time to go a little more specialized. One way that we can help is by fitting you with an oral appliance that you wear when you sleep. This mouthguard is something that you put in before going to bed each night, and it holds your jaw in place while you sleep. It juts your lower jaw forward, opening up your airways a little bit more, hopefully lessening your sleep apnea symptoms.

Call us here at Smith Dental when you want help treating your sleep apnea. We can help fit you with a mouthguard and discuss other treatment options with you that you may want to try. We have extensive experience helping patients with sleep apnea, and will do our best to help you, too. If you are seeking a sleep apnea diagnosis, you can call us as well. We can put you in touch with a sleep apnea specialist who can help you with the sleep study you need to undergo to see if sleep apnea is causing your sleep disturbances.
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