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The Importance of Orthodontics

Orthodontics is important for aesthetics, as well as your mental and dental health. A beautiful smile makes a difference for your whole face, and many patients find that being confident in their smile not only enhances their appearance, it also increases self-esteem. This can have a great impact on both social and career success. At Smith Dental, Dr. Smith can evaluate and make recommendations based on your needs. We offer several solutions varying in time, expense, and outcome.

Orthodontics for Aesthetics

How we present ourselves is important. From an early age we learn the value of self-care in brushing our hair, cleaning our clothes, and looking presentable. Having a nice looking smile can vastly enhance your look. Many times people who have missing teeth, large gaps, or severely crooked teeth report being embarrassed, self conscious, even finding their dental situation to be a hinderance in dating, social settings, and being chosen for jobs. Flashing a beautiful smile can lighten up a room!

Orthodontics for Dental Health

Though patients often inquire about orthodontics for aesthetic reasons, it’s the dental health reasons that we take into first priority. Teeth out of alignment can cause a domino effect of other problems, including tooth decay, jaw pain, ear pain, and even migraines.

With an evaluation, we can determine if the patient has a variety of common orthodontic issues including:
•  Overbite
•  Underbite
•  Crossbite
•  Teeth Crowding
•  Gaps
•  Impacted Teeth
•  Undescended Teeth

Patients with orthodontic problems can be impacted with chronic head, neck or jaw pain. When patients ignore their orthodontic problems, many of these issues can continue to get worse. This can lead to considerably more costly dental care in later years. We recommend taking care of your orthodontic problems today. By choosing to be evaluated, creating a treatment plan, and in some cases wearing braces, you are taking a proactive step in improving your overall dental health and increasing your comfort.

Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction

Known by most patients as TMJ, Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction refers to a dysfunction of the joint that opens and closes your jaw. This joint works hard! From talking to eating, we use our mouths constantly. When teeth are out of alignment, this can disrupt the natural function of the jaw joint, causing it to feel tired, sore, and eventually lead to severe pain, possible ear pain, and even migraines. TMJ is a serious dental disorder that can cause considerable discomfort. Correcting your bite with orthodontia work can help. Dr. Smith can evaluate your situation and make recommendations based on the assessment.

For more information on various orthodontia services we offer, contact our front desk at our Forest Grove office. Our staff is happy to answer your questions and assist you in scheduling an appointment by calling (503) 746-9361.
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