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Dental Implants
Forest Grove, OR

Dental implants are probably the best way to restore full function to your mouth after a tooth is removed from your mouth for any reason. Even a single missing tooth can impact the overall health of your mouth, making it very important that you figure out a good way to put a new tooth in the missing location. If you are missing a tooth, or several, you should come in and see us here at Smith Dental for dental implants. You will love the results!

The Benefits of Getting Dental Implants

When you get a dental implant, it is just like having your original tooth still in place. You can chew up your favorite foods with it, speak like nothing is any different, and not concern yourself with losing bone mass in your jaw because a dental implant helps to protect against that, too. Getting a dental implant can be a slow process due to the healing involved, but if you get them and take care of them properly, they can easily last you the rest of your life.

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The Basic Process of Getting Dental Implants

For those with good bone density in their jaw, getting dental implants is very straightforward. You will have titanium anchors put into the jaw where the false teeth would go, which then have to heal. Once the area has healed up, a false tooth goes on the anchor and you are able to go about your normal life. Depending on which type of dental implant surgery you have, the healing can last anywhere from 3-12 months. During that time, maintaining proper oral hygiene is imperative, as it will determine how successful your implants are.

If you have lower bone density in your jaw, or you have had parts of your jaw reabsorb, then you may need to have a graft done prior to getting the dental implants. We will have you come in and determine the density and quality of the bones that would hold the anchors and talk to you about our findings. If the bone needs a little bit of extra strength, we will perform a bone graft, allow that to heal, and the proceed with your dental implants using the new bone as the basis for the abutments.

Not everyone is a good candidate for dental implants, and we will discuss that with you, too. If you smoke, then you will have to quit during the treatment in order to have the implants take. If you smoke while healing, the process is going to be halted and your mouth is going to struggle to heal, potentially causing your body to reject the implants.

For more information, contact us here at Smith Dental. We have helped many patients with dental implants and know all about their benefits. Call us today at (503) 746-9361 to schedule yourself for a consultation, and let your dream of having a bright, healthy smile take shape!
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