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Tooth Extractions in Forest Grove, OR

A tooth extraction refers to entirely removing the tooth from its socket. There are several reasons a tooth may need to be extracted. It can be due to decay, overcrowding, being impacted, a double tooth, or maybe the tooth has been damaged or fractured beyond repair. Our team at Smith Dental can help. Dr. J. Smith, Dr. R. Smith and Dr. E. Smith will evaluate your situation and make the necessary recommendations that is best for you.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

One of the most common reasons for extraction is the removal of your wisdom teeth, also known as your third molars. Even if your hope is to avoid it, more than 85% of the general public will need to get their wisdom teeth removed. We recommend that our patients consider having their wisdom teeth removed in young adulthood, as this is when the roots are long enough to have something to pull and yet short enough that the roots have not extended toward the nerve, and created a hook shape which they are known to do. Having your wisdom teeth pulled while you are younger also tends to be less painful, with faster healing times.

Types of extractions

There are two types of extractions, either simple extractions or surgical extractions:
•  Simple Extraction: A simple extraction is done when a tooth is fully erupted, and can be seen intact in the patient’s mouth. Using a dental tool called an elevator, our doctor is able to loosen the tooth and then extract it with forceps. The process is not entirely pain free, but we will prepare the patient with a local anesthetic and then advise the patient on some post-op tips including ice packs and over the counter pain relief medication.
•  Surgical Extraction: A surgical extraction requires a bit more complexity. The term surgical refers to needing to make cuts. This is generally done because the tooth is not fully erupted, or it has broken off at the gum line. Our doctor needs to make cuts in order to retrieve the tooth. Wisdom teeth extractions are generally surgical extractions. The process involves making the necessary incision, possibly removing some bone around the tooth, and possibly cutting the tooth in sections in order to fully remove it. This procedure may be done with a local anesthetic or with general anesthesia. The healing time may be a day or two longer than with a simple extraction, and we may prescribe pain relief medication.

Following Your Extraction

Patients often feel some level of discomfort in the day or two following their extraction. Based on the type of extraction you had, and the extent of the surgical procedure performed, we will offer instructions to lessen your discomfort. The doctors, Dr. J. Smith, Dr. R. Smith or Dr. E. Smith, may prescribe pain relief medication, or they may recommend an over the counter pain relief. They will most likely recommend applying an ice pack to reduce swelling, express caution about foods you eat for the next day or two, and express caution to not drink from straws which can induce bleeding. Bleeding in your mouth tends to last longer than other places on your body because the wound can not dry out, making it harder to develop a scab.

Extractions are generally an uncomfortable procedure. We are aware of that and will do our best to lessen your discomfort. If you have questions about our tooth extraction process, or about an extraction you've had recently, please call our office staff at (503) 746-9361 for assistance.
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