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Preventive Dentistry
Forest Grove, OR

The goal of our dental team at Smith Dental is to educate and demonstrate ways to prevent oral disease. As a Family Dental Practice, we serve patients of all ages in all phases of life, some with shiny brand new teeth, to those with worn, unhealthy or missing teeth and everything in between. Working together, we can help you have strong, healthy teeth that will provide you the function you need for years to come.

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Dental caries, commonly known as cavities, caused by decay causing bacteria, remains the most prevalent and chronic oral health disease in both children and adults, and it is largely preventable. Our preventative services can help.

Preventative Dentistry in Forest Grove starts at home. This mother and daughter brush their teeth together.

Preventative Dental Services

•  Dental Education: We want our patients to be educated on their teeth, how to keep them healthy both in daily care and in dietary habits.
•  Dental Cleanings: Seeing the hygienist at Smith Dental at least twice a year will help keep your teeth healthy. During your cleaning, the hygienist will measure your gum pockets and then remove plaque and tartar or calculus from the surface of your teeth and along the gum rim. Many of our patients do a wonderful job with daily brushing and flossing, but there are often spots that are missed. Food debris and bacteria can get trapped in the nooks and crannies of our teeth and cause decay. Our hygienist will remove all of the decay causing bacteria material, cleaning your teeth. Following your cleaning, the hygienist will polish your teeth with a gritty paste to remove surface stains, giving you a cleaner, brighter smile.
•  Dental Exams: Following your dental cleaning, we will examine your entire oral cavity for anything that requires attention. Using a scope, he will visually inspect for signs of decay, infection, and anything unusual or that may require more attention. He will then review digital x-rays to look for signs of hidden problems. Should he spot anything that indicates a potential problem, we will review that information with you and together, create a plan of action.
•  Sealants: Dental sealants can significantly reduce the incidence of decay where it occurs most, in your molars. Most often used with our patients who are under the age of 18, we can apply a liquid plastic material, that dries hard, to your back molars, stopping debris and bacteria access to the tooth. The application of sealants have significantly reduced the incidence of decay causing cavities and many of our minor patients are reaching adulthood without ever experiencing one.
•  Fluoride Treatment: The outer layer of your teeth is called enamel. Though your teeth appear to be a solid surface, it you were to examine them under a microscope you would see a mashup of mineral shards. As we use our teeth we constantly lose miniscule amounts of those shards, and our teeth are constantly being re-built. To help this rebuilding process, we can help remineralize your teeth with fluoride. we will determine if your teeth could use this boost and offer a fluoride treatment to you.

The health of your teeth, enamel, and the supporting tissues is our business. We know that with proper education and care, you can have and keep a beautiful smile. For more information on our preventative services, contact our front desk by calling (503) 746-9361.
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