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Oral Cancer Screening

Part of your annual dental examination is an oral cancer screening check up. Your oral health is more than just the status of your teeth, it’s about your entire oral cavity. At Smith Dental, Dr. Smith will note those areas of trouble, take a closer look at potential problem spots, and make recommendations when we see areas that could use further examination.

Our goal at Smith Dental during your oral cancer screening is to identify possible signs of mouth cancer early. Catching problems early improves the patient’s long term prognosis, when there is a greater chance curing and restoring the patient’s health.

What is an Oral Cancer Screening?

An oral cancer screening is a fast and painless examination that is generally done through visual inspection or with the assistance of a probe. What Dr. Smith is looking for is anything unusual or out of the ordinary. He will be looking for indications of cancer, or possible precancerous conditions. The examination will look for:
•  Small or large unusual growths.
•  Hard bumps, either located below the skin, or protruding above the skin.
•  Sores or injuries that do not seem to be healing in a timely matter.
•  Anything that catches our eye as being unusual, or could use further examination.
•  Soreness that does not seem to go away.
•  Unusual red or white spots that do not seem to go away.
•  Numbness in your lips or other areas of your mouth.
•  Sudden difficulty swallowing, or feeling like your throat is tightening.
•  Anything that the patient notes as suddenly being different.
•  Anything that is unusual in shape or color.

Your oral cancer screening includes examination of your whole entire oral cavity. Dr. Smith will examine all of your soft tissues, including your lips, cheeks, tongue, soft and hard palate and gums. We will also take a look at your entire head, including your neck, lymph nodes, face and head.

Oral Cancer Screening in Forest Grove, OR

Do only people who smoke get Oral Cancer?

Though it is true that smoking increases your chances of developing oral cancer, the development of oral cancer is not limited to patients who smoke. There are several factors that come into play in the development of oral cancer, one of which is due to the unlucky person who carries the genetics. Some of the factors in developing oral cancer include:
•  Smoking cigarettes has been associated with increasing your chances of developing oral cancer.
•  Prolonged heavy alcohol intake is associated with oral cancer.
•  Patients with HPV, human papillomavirus, have been found to have an increase in developing oral cancer.
•  Genetics can be a factor in developing oral cancer.

For more information on oral cancer screenings, contact us at (503) 746-9361 and we will be happy to assist you in scheduling an appointment.
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