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Teeth Whitening

We can take years off your teeth by whitening and brightening them. Your teeth work hard, multiple times a day, and the food we subject them to, causes stained and darkened teeth. At Smith Dental, Dr. Smith can give you the look you want, often making your face look younger and healthier simply from whitening your smile.

There are so many options when it comes to whitening your teeth. Patients often wonder what works best. There are store bought options, in office options and kits that are prescribed by a dentist options. All of these options will eventually work, the main differences involve your time and comfort level. From one hour, to several weeks, you may have to ask yourself how much time you have to get the look you want.

Patient who seek teeth whitening, often want it because:
•  The patient is a frequent coffee drinker.
•  The patient smokes cigarettes.
•  The patient’s teeth have darkened from normal use, foods such as tomato sauces have been known to stain teeth.
•  Patients want a brighter, healthier looking smile.

To whiten the hard outer layer of enamel on your teeth, peroxide is applied. Peroxide can do a great job of whitening, but it can burn your soft gum tissue, causing significant other problems, including pain and infection. Because of this, store bought kits offer a very low percentage of peroxide, meaning it will whiten your teeth, but will take many more applications. The fastest whitening option is done under the direction of your dentist, Dr. Smith.

In Office Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening helps this woman's smile stay bright!Having your teeth whitened in office is the fastest way to get the results you want. Since we perform the whitening procedure in office and under the watchful eye of Dr. Smith, we are able to apply a heavy dosage of peroxide. The entire process takes about one hour.

At Home Teeth Whitening with a Prescribed Kit

Whitening your teeth at home can be a simple process done in your own time and under your control. Having a kit prescribed by Dr. Smith means that the level of peroxide is less than if it was done in office, but he will be aware of your process and can recommend tips and advice to get the desired look. Patients often have customized trays made to fit comfortable in their mouths, which are reusable time and time again.

Store Bought Whitening Kits

Store bought kits will whiten, but require the most amount of patience. The amount of peroxide used is the least of the three options, meaning the process will take time.

For more information on whitening your teeth, and making a difference on your best feature - your smile - contact our front desk at our Forest Grove office. Our staff is happy to answer your questions and assist you in scheduling an appointment when you call us at (503) 746-9361.
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