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If a patient no longer has any healthy teeth remaining, we can present various options for denture replacement, taking your health, your comfort, and your finances into consideration. No one should have to suffer from tooth loss, and at Smith Dental, we can help. We will talk through the varying materials and retention options, some of which even allow a patient to chew all of their favorite foods without concern.

Dentures being fitted by dentists in Forest Grove, OR

What are Dentures?

Dentures are suggested when there are no healthy teeth remaining, meaning the patient either comes to us with no teeth on the upper or lower arch, or that the few teeth they still have are in such poor condition that they need to be extracted on the upper or lower arch. The actual denture prosthetic is a dental device consisting of molded plastic teeth that has a pink plastic gum ridge. There are various materials that can range for aesthetics and comfort. There are upgraded denture options that are made of porcelain or multi-layered composite teeth, this option is known for its high degree of hardness, density and natural look.

Retaining your Dentures

When most people think of dentures, they frequently pictures loose teeth that need to be placed in a glass of water at night. There has been various jokes and old age references to this device over the years in movies and on tv. Loose dentures are not necessarily your only option, there are different retention options that can allow you to be the only one who knows you have dentures outside of our office. Dr. Smith is happy to go over these options with you, they will include:
•  Traditional Retention: This is the most common denture retention, using lining to help hold the denture in place. Patients frequently use over-the-counter adhesives to help hold their denture in place. Traditional dentures restore limited function, but there are several downsides, including mobility of the denture, needing to remove them during sleep, limited food options, and frequent complaints of not being able to taste foods as well due to the roof of the mouth being covered.
•  Partial Implant Retention: We can provide limited stability with the placement of two dental implants on each arch to limit shifting, making your dentures feel more comfortable, and increasing the food choices available.
•  Overdenture Retention: Using the stability of a bar attachment, we can stabilize your denture using a bar system anchored with several implants. This is a much more comfortable option that will allow you to have strong, stable dentures.
•  Dental Implants:We can permanently attach your denture, making it non-removable with the placement of four or more dental implants. Your denture will feel much more like your own natural teeth, allowing you to chew the foods you want, and never having loose teeth again.

For more information on dentures, and the various ways we can help increase their comfort for you, call us at (503) 746-9361 and we will be happy to answer your questions and assist you in scheduling an appointment.
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