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Dental Technology
Forest Grove, OR

Dental X-Rays in Forest Grove, ORAn important aspect of dentistry is staying on top of the latest tools and technology. Dentistry is rapidly advancing and our team at Smith Dental, along with Dr. Smith, is advancing in knowledge and skill along with it. Some of the tools that you can expect to see in our office includes those found below. These tools help us take better care of your oral health.

Digital X-rays

Digital x-rays are a huge advancement in radiography. Used as our primary tool, x-rays allow us to detect and identify dental problems early, while they are still small. Patients love this ability, because by detecting issues early, it will save you money and time in the dental chair in the long run.

The difference between digital and traditional dental x-rays is significant. Traditional x-rays were small, grainy, difficult to review, and difficult for the patient to understand. They were also loose images that frequently became lost in files, and required more radiation than present digital images do in order to achieve. Digital x-rays:
•  Are high resolution images that can be seen on a computer screen next to your dental chair.
•  Can be zoomed in on to point out trouble areas
•  Can be saved on a computer file under your name, allowing us to email images to specialists when needed
•  Use upwards of 95% less radiation to receive.

Early detection is important. We can help you prevent more extensive, and expensive, procedures with digital x-rays. This technology allows us to see tooth decay, both internal and hidden. We can spot cysts and tumors, review impacted teeth, and observe the status of teeth that are still coming in.

At Smith Dental, we use digital x-rays because they make patient communication more effective, and helps us help you. Digital radiography has greatly enhanced our time with patients, because the images are available instantly, helping us have better communication with our patients, and have the ability to retake images immediately if needed. With the images on screen, we can point to trouble spots and clearly show the problem or potential problem. With this information, we can then develop a treatment plan that best suits our patients.

Intraoral Camera

A great technology based resource that we have is the intraoral camera. With this tool, we can display on a monitor next to the patient, a digital live stream of what we can see in their mouths. This gives the patient a view of what the dentist, Dr. Smith, sees.

The intraoral camera is about the size of a toothbrush, and is often described as a wand. It easily fits inside your mouth, allowing us to display a live video of broken fillings, a fractured tooth, decay, or any other dental problem. It is our hope to not only repair problems, but to engage in a dialogue with our patients to educate and to allow the patient to make clear decisions that they understand. We want our patients to be part of the process in creating a treatment plan. With a clear understanding, the patient can then make decisions that will best suit their situation

Ultrasonic Scalers

The ultrasonic scaler is a great dental tool that assists us in dental cleanings for our adult patients. An important part of a dental cleaning is the removal of tartar or calculus that has accumulated along the rim of your teeth and gums, and below the gumline. This device uses water and ultrasonic vibrations to break down and loosen the plaque and calculus. It is a part of a periodontal cleaning, to remove bacteria, and material that is or could be infecting your gums, causing a condition known as gingivitis, a first step in periodontal disease.

The ultrasonic scaler creates rapid microscopic bubbles that kills microbes while also removing plaque and tartar in the process. The procedure uses water and/or an antimicrobial liquid called chlorhexidine, and it will not damage your tooth enamel. Our patients love this system because it clears away debris without pressure or pain. This makes ultrasonic cleaning suitable to those with sensitive teeth.

For more information on other technology devices we use in office, call us at (503) 746-9361; our staff is happy to answer your questions and assist you in scheduling an appointment.
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