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Dental Cleanings
Forest Grove, OR

The American Dental Association, along with the team at Smith Dental, recommends that our patients are seen for a dental cleaning at least twice a year. Dental cleanings are a very important step in preventative oral health care. Your dental cleaning appointment includes measuring the depth of your gum pockets, clearing away bacteria filled material, demonstrating flossing and brushing techniques, educating on hygiene tips, and giving your teeth a clean feel and a beautiful, fresh look. We know that building a good working relationship with our hygienist will help extend the life and maintain the health of your teeth.

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What are the steps for a dental cleaning?

At your scheduled dental cleaning, our hygienist will:
•  Measure your gum pockets: At the beginning of your dental cleaning, your hygienist, with a probe in hand, measures your gum pocket depth. You may have heard your hygienist call out numbers ranging from 1-5. This number system is in millimeters and the smaller the number, the better. The probe measures the depth of the gum pockets, and when the gums are infected, the pocket deepens as the tooth begins to separate from the gums. Any number greater than 3mm is an indication of gum disease. Based on your measurements, your hygienist may recommend a periodontal cleaning and a thorough a scaling and root planing process.
•  Removal of plaque, tartar and calculus: During your dental cleaning, the hygienist will remove bacteria and plaque that are in your mouth. Plaque is a naturally occurring blend of saliva and food debris that constantly rests on your teeth and along the rim of your gums. Tartar or calculus is plaque that has rested until it has hardened. A patient is able to remove plaque with a toothbrush, but tartar and calculus should only be removed a someone who is trained to do so, so as to not damage the enamel of your tooth.
•  Education and tips: Throughout your cleaning process, your hygienist may offer brushing and flossing tips. As they spot areas that are missed, they can point out your trouble spots and show you different techniques.
•  Polishing: Your dental cleaning is completed with polishing. The hygienist will use a gritty toothpaste along with a rotary brush to polish your teeth and remove surface stains. This will help your teeth look and feel cleaner and brighter.

Importance of Dental Cleanings

We know that life can get pretty chaotic, and that your time is valuable. Scheduling a dental cleaning and having an exam with Dr. Smith afterward can be very important to your dental health. Studies tell us that though parents bring their children in for a dental cleaning 83% of the time, adults only come for cleanings less than 50% of the time. We know that you can do better than that, and that you will be happier for doing it. Call us today at (503) 746-9361 and schedule your check-up today!

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