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Dental Bridges

Our team at Smith Dental can replace missing teeth with a dental bridge. When a patient is missing one or several teeth on the same arch, we can create a customized bridge to replace their missing teeth with false ones. A dental bridge is a fixed prosthetic dental device that is cemented onto the patient’s existing healthy teeth or implant posts by one of our dentists, Dr. J. Smith, Dr. R. Smith or Dr. E. Smith. We use bridges to restore a patient’s bite and to improve their appearance, facial shape and tooth alignment.

Why is it bad to miss one or a few teeth?

We have all seen people who are missing a tooth or two, some may visually be distracting, and some may not seem so bad. If your missing tooth is deep in your mouth, or not easily seen, you may wonder why you should even bother going through the time and expense of restoration. There is a valid reason, and that reason is to save you future, and considerably more time and expense.

Dental Bridge in Forest Grove ORWhen a tooth is missing, a cascade of effects begins to take place. The most immediate effect is bone atrophy, without the constant stimulation that your tooth root provides, the bone will pull in at that spot. Bone atrophy from several missing teeth can give that older sunken facial appearance that we commonly associate with older people. Next, the remaining teeth now have some room to shift. As your teeth shift out of place, they can cause changes in your bite and how your teeth fit together. This is more than uncomfortable, it can lead to larger issues such as TMJ, which is associated with jaw pain and even migraines. Finally, there can be heavier wear on neighboring teeth when you are missing some teeth. A common result of missing teeth is patient’s chewing on the other side. This uneven chewing causes unnecessary wear on one side of your mouth.

Bridge versus Partial Denture

A bridge is a permanent device, meaning it is non-removable. Our dentists, Dr. J. Smith, Dr. R. Smith and Dr. E. Smith cement the bridge into place, over two healthy teeth or posts serving as anchors with the false teeth in between.

A partial denture is attached with clasps that attach to your teeth and it is removeable. Being removable is useful to patients who like to remove their partial for cleaning, but it can cause the device to be slightly less retentive, or loose in your mouth than a fixed bridge.
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